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Maurice and his grouper - Riffe 3XS
Maurice and his grouper at
Chacachacare, Trinidad
Gun : Riffe 3XS

Hunter and her catch - dinner ? JBL Travel Magnum gun
Nice Grouper, any one have some white wine ? Tobago
Gun - JBL Travel Magnum

This course provides Theoretical info as well as a
Confined Water Session and Open Water training Dives

Underwater Hunting and Collection: This course is designed to introduce the diver to techniques used for underwater hunting and collection of marine life captured for food.
It is formatted for hunting and collection around the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, although many principles and guidelines will be the same no matter where one goes.

Who can sign up ?
Recommended : PADI Advanced Open Water Divers or Junior Advanced Open Water Divers, minimum age 12 yrs.

Snorkelers and Freedivers age 12 and over.

Required Equipment
1. Basic Open Water SCUBA equipment as per PADI guidelines.
2. Collection: Catch bag or stringer.
3. Collecting tools : i.e. Spear gun, Tickle Stick, Polespear, Gloves

Overview and Topics to be covered :
1. What can be collected and the best times and locations and methods for hunting
and collection.
2. Hunting Tools and Implements :History Types, Use, Safety, Spearfishing Rules
3. Spearguns,Tips & Rubber : Types, handling, maintenance and care.
4. Other tools / implements for hunting and collection e.g Polespears, tickle sticks
5. Collection and removal of marine life captured.
6. Use of SCUBA & Other Equipment and dive techniques for hunting.
7. Free Diving for hunting.
8. The hunt : stalking, best times to hunt, currents, moon phases, tides, baiting of water.
9. Use of the Buddy System in Hunting
10. The ethics and etiquette of hunting.
11. Rules and Laws governing hunting - T & T / Guidelines and Law (Florida)
12. Dive Tables / Recreational Dive Planner

13. Basic Boat Handling to tender for hunters

Confined Water Session / Pool :
Rule # 1 : SBADT

Use and handling of speargun including
Loading and reloading
Position and bracing of gun
Learning "effective" range of gun - shooting stationery target & moving target
Hyperventilation technique & Shallow Water Black out
Buddy System in Hunting

Open Water Training Dives :
Dives allow for application of what is learnt to the Open Water Environment.
Choosing a hunting / dive site.

Hunter and buddy at St. Giles Tobago - JBL Travel Magnum gun
Pat & Ryan at St Giles - Gun : JBL Travel Magnum

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