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Welcome to DiveTnT Commercial Diving Services on the net.
We are located at Arena Road, Freeport, and provide a wide and varied service to the yachting and marine community around Trinidad, Tobago and the Caribbean Islands.
Our most requested services include Pipe Line and Anchor Video and Photo Inspections, Hull Inspections and Cleaning, and Propeller Polishing.

While we are cleaning your boat’s hull we will keep one thing in mind: your satisfaction and a job properly done. We clean carefully and efficiently with no corner-cutting. We have our own compressor, dive gear, 40 tanks, Hookah gear and a variety of technical gear to tackle even the toughest of jobs. We are the only call you need to make when it comes to cleaning the hull of your vessel, from 1m dinghy's to 400m ships. We do the job right, starting with a photo and or visual inspection we can give you an firm quote on the job.

An approximate average of some prices are listed below.

This also gives an idea of our visibilty
Bow Thruster being inspected.
Trinidad Waters

Underwater Hull Cleaning Rates
Starting from :

Vessels to 30 feet = 4.00 USD

Vessels over 30 feet = 4.00 USD


A pirogue boat with two outboards is also provided as a tender vessel, as neccessary.

Call today for a free "dry" quote. If we have to enter the water, the quotes are $50.00 USD. Boats with severe barnacle encrustation are all customized quotes. Ask about our monthly and bi-monthly contracts and save money!!

Why Clean Your Boat Hull :The vessel will suffer less drag when it is underway. Your fuel efficiency will increase dramatically. Your will move through the water faster. The hull surface and/or paint will not be compromised or weakened. Your vessel will look great and so will you! In most cases, especially with larger vessels, the savings in fuel is equal to or greater, than the actual cost of the cleaning. Call us: (868) 475-2404

We are open :
Mon - Fri. : 8 am - 5 p.m.
Sat : 8am - 12 noon
or by Appointment
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