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Hi Folks and welcome to our page on Underwater Hunting and Collection.
Some of the info and photos within these pages may be considered graphic and violent to some, others may recognise it as a part of hunting and collecting of food as we intended this info to represent.
Before you go on, I want you to know that we respect your right to eat what you like and obtain it how you choose, whether that be from the supermarket or local butcher. Please do not go further into these pages if this sort of material offends you !
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We do not Hunt on our regular dive trips !

SCUBA Divers and Free divers should be responsible in their hunting and collection
and follow the basic rules and guidelines of good hunting, some of which are
outlined here at this site.

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are located at the mouth of the Orinoco River which empties many of the rivers of South America into our waters, thereby bringing much nutrients on which the fish thrive.
In Trinidad the water tends to be a green / brown color with limited visibility, while in Tobago the water is more often a clear blue, typically the Caribbean type blue colored water. Underwater hunting / Spearfishing is legal here (except for the Bucco area in Tobago), but we support a responsible approach in this important means of fishing.

Spearfishing Guidelines - Underwater Hunting and Collecting Course Outline
Photos : Albums / Album 1 / Album 2 / Spearfishing Photos 2006

-Only hunt & take what will be eaten.
-Never shoot fish that are too small, take the mature fish that have had a chance to reproduce, but do not take big fish merely as trophies.
-The taking of any marine life around the Buccoo Reef /Marine Park in Tobago is strictly prohibited by law.
-Hunting should not be done in the Speyside area, this is area is due to be protected by law.

-Lobsters should be caught by hand or snare and released if they have eggs, they are not to be shot !
-Lobsters that are smaller than 3 inches from the head to the start of the tail (carapace) should be released.
One should not damage the reef to get to a lobster. When in doubt release or do not catch.

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Do you have a question, drop me a line and I would be happy to answer you !

Choose safety and experience, come for the fun and adventure !

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