Yachts at Anchor in and around Pirate's Bay in Tobago WI

To many people the sea is a never ending body of water full of life, viewed from the surface it is just a massive body of water, a place to go "lime" and hang out with friends on the weekends. We as divers, know the sea more intimately, we visit the underwater world and marvel at the life and the beauty below the waterline, sadly we are seeing more and more destruction of this beautiful life we enjoy so much and in fact the world depends so much on for life (see the bottom of pages fro references to articles on same) !
A cataraman at anchor, in the background one can see Pirate's Bay

Your anchors do not belong dug into our coral reefs, please do not drop them close to  the reef, if not sure ask where it is !
The life of the inhabitants of our oceans are under enormous threat from many of our land based activities : garbage thrown into the sea, pollutants than run down drains and rivers, global warming, boaters that drop anchors onto reefs, fish pots dropped onto reefs, fishing using dynamite .... and the list goes on !
It might be great for your lunch ...but please do not throw your litter overboard into the sea !

"The biologists have seen the future, and their message could not be clearer: Living coral reefs are the foundation of marine life, and thus a crucial support for human life, yet all over the world they are dead or dying because people are destroying them—killing them—at a catastrophic rate. Already 10 percent are lost, and scientists say 70 percent of all corals on the planet will be destroyed in 20 to 40 years unless people stop doing what they're doing—pollution, sewage, erosion, cyanide fishing, clumsy tourism—and get serious about saving the coral reefs now. There's hope yet: Reefs are resilient and they bounce back quickly when protected." Taken from a website : at Mother Jones


Photos taken by Ron, with assistance from Andy and Ria - August 2002

Predictions for Reef life :

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