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Down The Islands

Huevos Island

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Huevos Island

Fishing with
Capt Russell

How would you like to journey back into time, yet enjoy a day of fishing, swimming, hiking or snorkeling "down the islands" of Trinidad's north western peninsula.

Islands rich in a history of the people of it's mainland, islands teeming with marine life, wildlife and birdlife, and of local flowers and fauna. These islands are Five Islands (Caledonia, Craig, Lenagan, Rock, & Nelson), Diego Islands (Carrera - Prison Island, Constadt - Baroid), Gasparee (Gaspar Grande), Gasparilo Island (Centipede), Monos, Huevos and Chacachacare.

These island's we so affectionately refer to as "down the islands" have been home to the indentured laborers who first came from India and were quarantined before coming to work the fields of Trinidad; it was the ceremonial grounds of Amerindians who occupied our lands long before Christopher Columbus set sail in search of the Indies, and unfortunately it served as a whaling station for the whalers that hunted the humpback whales which grew to over 80 feet in length and were very abundant in the waters of our Gulf of Paria.

The islands were occupied by
the Spanish who built forts, and even burnt and sank their ships here; they were visited by the German U Boats as they snuck their way in to the Gulf to attack local ship traffic during WWII. One of islands housed a Leprosarium run by the Dominican Sisters, this island still has a working lighthouse which is the highest in the world (818 feet). The shortest distance between one of these islands and South America (Venezuela) is just seven nautical miles across, and the fishing and snorkeling is great while the water is usually clear and shallow, ideal for swimmer's and snorkelers.

Huevos | Chacachacare | Monos | Centipede | Gasparee
Five Islands :Caledonia, Craig, Lenagan, Rock & Nelson
Diego Islands : Carrera - Prison Island & Constadt - Baroid

Down the Islands :
Tour Rates for 2013

Day Trip 9a.m. - 5p.m.
for 12 persons or less
$2000 TTD per boat load,
or 200 TT per person,
includes historical tour and
snorkeling and swimming.

Fishing Trips add $200 TTD
includes lines and Bait (Bank)
for up to 4 persons.

Along North Coast to Maracas Bay
Add $600 TTD

Drinks & Food are not included.
The boat stays with you for day.

There is parking at the Marina &
a fee of $30 TT is charged

We do private trips also.

Our boat tours leave from Coral Cove - Chaguaramas and journey out to Five Islands, passing the eastern side of Diego islands on the way. From there we journey to Gasparee Island via Scorpion's Ledge and thence to Scotland Bay (Trinidad), past the tooth and around Monos island, either on the south coast of North coast when the seas permit. We then head around to Huevos and finish at Chacachacare island. We discuss the history of the islands as well as point out some of the interesting spots (shipwrecks etc).

Who can Join us : All are welcome, swimmers and non swimmers, Group leaders, Team Builders, Tour Operators, SCUBA divers, Snorkelers, Hikers, Nature Seekers, Birdwatchers,
or Fishing folks.

Rates may vary based on factors such as number of passengers, distance, food and / or drinks. Our plan is to provide the boat with all safety items and fuel, along with the Tour guide / Captain and allow the guests to choose what they may want to eat and drink.

The Boat is a 32ft Bowen Pirogue with a T-Top providing some shade, we carry a first aid kit and all Captains and crew are certified in CPR and first Aid. The boat uses two (2) 75 hp engines and we carry a VHF radio, GPS Navigation System and Depth Sounder / Fish Finder, also lifejackets for all on board.

Salt Pond Beach,

Scorpion's Ledge

LightHouse Point
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Trinidad WI
Godfrey :
(868) 689-0929

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