DiveTnT Dive Trip to Curacao 2015
Plan - Republic Day Holiday Weekend :
Tues 22nd or Thur 24th September (Holiday) to Sunday 27th September

DiveTnT Ltd. / Ronald Tiah will be organising this trip; our objective is to travel and dive safely, having lots of fun along the way as always ! We will negotiate the best rates as a group with savings passed on to the divers as usual ! This trip is open to Divers, Snorkelers and or Non - diving partners and spouses.
Spaces are reserved for divers and their partners as a priority, and rooms can be booked single or double.
Prices shown below are temporary or approximate until firm bookings are made with downpayments, or in full !
Maximum Divers will be 11 and myself 12 !
Official Curacao Website : http://www.curacao.com/en/

At March 25th 2015 :
Approximate Costing : Airfare - $283 USD / $1840 TTD
Hotel / Guest House (shared rates go down based on numbers) - $65 USD night / $422 TTD x 3 nights (or 5)
Auto Rental (approx) per four persons approx. $20 USD / $130 TTD per person incl. gasoline x 3 days
Diving (Shore Dives) : Equipment Rental BCD / Reg $30 USD / $195TTD per day x 2 or days, save if you have own gear ! We should get better rates once numbers hit around 8.
Tank and Weight Belt Rentals $15 USD / $100 TTD Per day per 2 tanks.
The prices are approx based on an exchange rate of 6.5 and current quotations as of March 2015.
The earlier we book the better our prices ! For those that are confirming, I must have the hotel fee to be finalized based on numbers by May 10th 2015, you must book with Surinam Airlines online or at office in POS, I will assist if needed !
You must confirm availability and space with me, before booking flights !!!
Flight Info

Pricing is at March 25th 2015, the earlier we book the better our prices !


One of our Early Booking Accomodation Specials are as follows :
Sleeps 12 single at $65 USD per night, or up to 24 double which will be much cheaper :)
First paid, will be confirmed !!!

Ground Transport / Transfers

The plan is to rent two or three vehicles, for moving around and doing our shore dives !
For an idea of rates : a pick up (tanks !) with CDW insurance will cost approx $2000 TTD for the days which will be $500 TTD per person (4 sharing) or $400 TTD per person (5 sharing) for the 4 days - from Budget Car Rentals.

Scuba Diving / Snorkelling

The diving here is very easy and absolutely beautiful !
A Macro Photographer's paradise ...
Ron will lead the Shore dives for two days !!

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Contact Info :
Ronald Tiah
Telephone : (868) 475-2404 / 378-4269
EMail : rontiah@gmail.com