We carry the full range of Riffe Spearguns and Accessories
selling and servicing the guns under a Riffe dealership in Trinidad and Tobago

The RIFFE speargun has been used for many years by blue water and bottom hunters with outstanding results.
The RIFFE was designed to be the most advanced rubber powered speargun on the market today with
4 Series - a total of 41 different models : Competitor Series, Standard Series, Mid Handle Series and Metal Tech Series

The Competitor Series spearguns are designed for competition and entry-level divers alike. A more affordable version of the Standard Series, suitable for hunting around reefs, holes, and on the bottom. Each diver may upgrade any of our spearguns. The Competitor Series has a slimmer teak stock, plus a 5"(127mm) bungie shock cord for ease of loading. A rest tab may be added for ease of cocking and for lower power shooting around rocks. The Competitor X Models feature a new 3" cocking stock added at the end of speargun for hip loading. Competitor models C-3, C-3X & C-4 have Blue Water Hunting capability.

The Standard Series spearguns are crafted for all skill levels and dive conditions. Each model features an extension at the butt end of the heavier-duty teak stock for ease of hip loading.

Metal or Wooden Guns

Spearguns / Accessories

The Mid-Handle Series is the most desirable of the three series for blue water & close bottom hunting. The Mid-Handle offers the maneuverability to swing around fast for tracking your game with ease... Primarily a stomach loading speargun with the option of a rest tab for hip loading. Specifically, the spearguns of choice for those serious blue water hunters who pursue the big pelagic fish of the open ocean.

The Metal Tech Series spearguns are the economical choice for diver's wanting a mid handle type speargun. Designed with a heavy aluminum extruded gun barrel, shaped the same as our teak wood models. Heat treated and hard anodized for added strength and corrosion resistance. In addition to the silent trigger mechanism, the Metal Tech Series offers a silencer in the line release, making this a truly silent speargun. The redesigned handle is over-molded with softer material and textured for comfort. Used only on our Mid Handle and Metal Tech Series.

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Just released : 13th Jan 2005 : New Camo Gun

RIFFE 3-YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY On all teak wood & metal speargun stocks & RIFFE's trigger mechanisms.
Supporting Jay Riffe's commitment to quality and excellence in design and manufacturing.
All RIFFE spearguns are individually serialized for your protection.

For additional Info see the Riffe website : www.speargun.com

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